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Complete Eco-Sports - Boating, Kiting, Scuba.
“Real Adventure, Real Excitement, 100% Natural”

Big Blue Collective is the Turks and Caicos Islands’ leading water sport and eco adventure operator. Defined by their eco sensibilities and small groups, Big Blue Collective covers the width and depth of these islands like no other. Whether you want to go diving, snorkeling, kayaking, kite-boarding, kitesurfing, standup paddle boarding, cruising or sightseeing, Big Blue has something for everyone. If you come to these islands and don’t come to Big Blue, you have missed out. Big Blue Collective provides an awesome array of complimentary activities. Certified boat captains, marine biologists, pro riders and years of local knowledge and know how will out you out there and back safely.

  • Small Group Diving and Suba instruction
  • Snorkel Adventures Half and Full Day
  • Kayak Eco Tours
  • Cultural Trips to the Islands of North and Middle Caicos
  • Half and Full Day Private Boat Charters
  • Kiteboarding Instruction
  • Kiteboarding Safaris and Downwinders
  • Stand up Paddle Board Tour
  • And much more

No matter what the weather you will not be disappointed. For guaranteed bookings and to prevent disappointments it is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED to PREBOOK your activities and adventures before you get to the islands. Big Blue Collective specializes in small groups and the last minute booking is likely to only end in frustration.

TURKS AND CAICOS KITEBOARDING is a premium kiteboarding school.

We offer professional kiteboarding lessons from our IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) qualified instructors for everyone from beginners to expert riders! What sets us apart is the years of experience teaching kiteboarding to students all over the world in all types of conditions. It takes years of teaching and thousands of hours to reach this level of experience. This can clearly be seen when we are in the water with our students - Our level of safety and the progression of our students into independent and safe kiteboarders is the best measure of our expertise. In addition, we are the only kiteboarding school in the Caribbean that offers lessons with state of the art Headzone radio helmets! Progress faster and feel safe by being in constant communication with your instructor! Radio helmets help to make kiteboarding the safest and most efficient experience for our students. With these helmets we have developed lessons for students of all ages - kids from 6 years to adults 75+! Our Lessons can also be offered with Jetski support ... ride downwind uninterrupted for miles with the comfort and safety of your instructor right beside you - no more walking upwind! Consistent trade winds, unspoiled white sand beaches and miles of shallow turquoise waters make Turks and Caicos the perfect place for your kiteboarding lessons and vacation! Your lessons can be held right outside your door - on the beach at Villa Esencia! We pride ourselves on providing students with enthusiastic and exciting lessons and use the most safe and effective teaching methods...just ask our students! Come fly with us and join the fun!

The Instructors Make the Difference

Kiteboarding is quickly becoming one of the most popular water sports for all ages here in the Turks and Caicos. With consistent trade winds 10 months out of the year and shallow water, the learning conditions for kiteboarding lesson are nothing short of world class. Combine this with the professional instructors from www.KiteProvo.com and you have the best kiteboarding opportunity on the planet! KiteProvo also offers advanced lessons for those already up and riding as well as downwinders and excursions on the 26ft ‘Big Air’ KiteProvo boat. At KiteProvo, they know that the instructor makes the difference. KiteProvo has assembled a team of not only top level kiteboarders, but instructors that match our philosophy of taking a personal interest in the success of each and every student. Kite Provo then trains them in the art of communication and how to change teaching style to meet the learning style of our guests and new friends. The school manager, Chris Moore, has been teaching kiteboarding sports professionally since 1990 and in 2002 wrote the teaching manual for instructor certification, pioneering the PASA Kiteboarding Division. Using his extensive experience and passion for teaching, KiteProvo has trained the highest caliber of instructors on the planet right here in The Turks and Caicos. KiteProvo will strive to constantly exceed your expectation and guarantee that you will also have a fantastic time.

Eco Adventures with SUP Provo

Explore the beauty of Turks and Caicos Islands from the unique point of view of a paddleboard or kayak. It’s fun and relaxing for all ages and abilities. SUP PROVO organizes unique paddle board and kayak tours for small groups...or rent a board and create a journey of your own. Countless backcountry paddle boarding opportunities, hidden turquoise waterways, and islands that only Stand Up Paddle Boards can access. SUP PROVO's eco guides take you into locations in our national park system and will educate you on the amazing animal and plant life! The's guides close connection to the areas allow them to point out things missed by most people. Be stimulated by the beautiful sights and picturesque views. It is a truly magical journey. Contact SUP PROVO today to organize a tour that best suits your group.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Dive Provo, the premier dive operation in the Turks and Caicos Islands, knows that experienced divers want the freedom to plan and execute their own dives, explore at their own pace and enjoy the reef without having to follow a group of other divers. A thorough dive briefing is given prior to every dive and divers enter the water in their buddy teams. We are lucky in the Turks and Caicos Islands to have generally spectacular visibility, minimal currents and easy navigation along the edge of the walls. Divers without buddies team with the divemaster and everyone on board explores the reef at their own pace. An underwater marker is used to aid in re-locating the boat and divers enjoy a relaxed dive without worrying about keeping up with the group. Newer divers are offered advice on buoyancy control and navigation and may prefer to follow the guide in the water, but most soon learn that they see more underwater and enjoy the sport more if they are allowed to control their own dive. This philosophy of diving freedom ensures a core repeat clientele and many word of mouth recommendations. Dive Provo will work with you to plan either a complete vacation package including airfare and hotel, or if you prefer, we have rates for individual dives and discounted dive packages!

Dive Instruction

Dive Provo is a PADI 5 Star Resort, SSI Partner in Paradise and Universal Referral training facility offering comprehensive training programs for all levels of certification.


Dive Groups are always welcome at Dive Provo and Private Charters willingly arranged! We are happy to help you with accommodation and airfare arrangements and any special activities you have planned.


Check out our friends Cari and Shawn at FoilUSA for great deals and service on kite and foil gear.

“We are an ALL IN ONE Shop of Fun, Since 1999. Kites, Control Bars, Foils, Boards and much more. Offering Excellent Customer Service, Quality Products, Fast Shipping WORLD WIDE, and of course Great Prices.”

Hydrocinch Kiteboard Harness Systems

Hydrocinch was founded by two friends on the kite beach at Long Bay with a single mission to make a better fitting harness that didn't loosen up.   As avid kiteboarders, we were frustrated with the limitations of commercial harnesses, and especially discouraged when kiting sessions ended early because of discomfort and spreader bar ride up. Together we applied our expertise into building better gear that is designed and tailored to all levels of kiters.   The result? Secured and connected to all day comfort- without limits.

Lip Sunglasses for Kiteboarding and Watersports

As kiteboarders we’ve been looking for the best sunglasses to handle sun, splash and crash. We found them in LIP sunglasses. They are anti-fogging, water repellent, Zeiss optics, and they stay on when you fall off!