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Turks and Caicos Kiteboarding

Perfect ocean conditions, no breaking waves, no hazards and constant on-shore breeze.​ Villa Esencia has an especially easy and safe environment to learn kiting.

learn to kite with the pros

Shallow Sea

You can stand up and walk a long ways out. If you get tired or lose your board you can simply stand up and walk to it. Trying to learn kiting in deep water adds a whole level of unnecessary difficulty. Also here there are no strong currents.

Warm Waters

It’s great to be able to spend hours in the water without getting cold - and that’s without a wetsuit. The Caribbean sea is generally warm anyway and the Caicos Bank that we are on, being shallow, heats up even more.

Gentle & Safe

The sandy beach has no rocks or large projecting sharp objects. The side/on shore winds will always bring you back to the beach. The shallow waters mean you can always stand up if you get tired or lose your board. The beach is 3+ miles of white sand and buildings are set back about 100 ft or so, so even if you crash your kite on the beach, there are no dangerous objects to entangle with (cars, buildings, etc.)

the best kiting overall

why long bay?

3-mile long white sand beach

No rocks or jetties

Nothing dangerous out there!

The right direction of the wind - side on-shore

Stunning clear turquoise blue water

No booties needed

Right strength of wind, no big gusts

Winds almost all year round (Kiting season - early October until end of August)

Warm waters

Shallow waters - you can stand up

why esencia for kiters?

The natural ambience and the beach environment

Shade directly on the beach - Tiki huts, umbrellas, palm trees

Comfortable lounge chairs with cushions, regular chairs, hammocks

Daily cleaned beach

You are only seconds walk from your suite

SUP boards and ocean kayaks for no-wind days

Great for family members who don’t kite as well as small children

Only a few kiters! No crowds.

set-up for kiters

Loaner boards - up to 170 for light wind kiting (Spleene, Flyboard, Mako)

Compressed air directly on the beach

Self-launch and landing x 2 (1 on beach, 1 in the water)

Clean, white sand launch/landing area

Safe - you can leave your gear on the beach

Gear storage directly off the beach

Experienced kiters who can help you out

Misc. support - screws, bindings, tools, etc.

ease of use

In addition to the natural environment, we have added some ‘ease of use’ facilities on the beach to make the kiting experience more pleasurable.