4 Reasons Why You’ll Love Turks And Caicos Scuba Diving

Ah, scuba diving. It’s a wondrous underseas activity that leaves you refreshed by the cool touch of gently surging water, awe-struck by the beautiful and otherworldly scenes of vibrant coral reefs, and enchanted by the wide array of colorful sea creatures swimming along your side. When it comes to Turks and Caicos scuba diving, you’ll find all that and so much more!

The diving scene present in the Turks and Caicos islands provides a plethora of exciting underwater spaces to explore along with some of the sea’s most famous inhabitants. If you’re planning a vacation in Turks and Caicos, here are the top four reasons why you’ll want to add scuba diving to your trip itinerary.


Scuba Diver In Clear Water Off Of Turks And Caicos

1) Crystal Clear Waters

One of the most famous attributes of Turks and Caicos is the clear tropical water surrounding its islands. This is due to the lack of plankton and other particles which can limit visibility underwater. In fact, on the clearest of days, divers can expect as much as 200 feet of visibility. That level of clarity is just about as good as it gets anywhere in the world for scuba diving, and it makes viewing the many underwater attractions at Turks and Caicos that much better.

Aerial View Of Turks and Caicos Islands and Barrier Reef

2) Incredible Barrier Reef System

Approximately 340 miles of barrier reef surrounds Turks and Caicos, making it one of largest barrier reef systems in the world. The impressive reef system is home to approximately 60 species of hard and soft corals for you to observe in that crystal clear water. For more intriguing facts about the Turks and Caicos coral reefs, check out the Turks and Caicos Reef Fund resources page.

Of the many dive sites around the Turks and Caicos islands, perhaps the best reef diving is at the Walls of Grand Turk. Not only are these wall dives spectacular for observing dense collections of coral and marine life, but terrain itself is awe-inspiring. The sheer walls drop to a staggering depth of over 7,000 ft, and there is a spectacular underwater arch to explore called Grand Turk’s McDonalds.

3) Shipwrecks To Explore

In addition to the coral reefs, Turks and Caicos features severals enticing wreck diving sites. Historically, the reefs around Turks and Caicos have proven to be rather treacherous to navigate, and it’s estimated that over 1,000 ships were lost to the reefs. Not great for old timey sailors, but quite exciting for today’s scuba divers.

One of the most famous wreck sites to dive is the HMS Endymion in Salt Cay. The Endymion was a British warship that went down in 1790 after striking a reef. In addition to the old vessel’s remaining anchor and chains, at this site you’ll find another shipwreck, The General Pershing, which went down in 1921 after striking the same spot as the Endymion.

Check out the Turks and Caicos tourism website to see more wreck diving sites around the islands.

Scuba Diver Exploring Coral Reef With Colorful Fish

4) Diverse Marine Wildlife

Last, but certainly not least, scuba divers will love Turks and Caicos for its incredible marine life. Around the reefs and wrecks you’ll encounter plenty of little colorful fish species cruising through the water. However, the real stars of the show are larger inhabitants.

In Turks and Caicos, it’s common to see a wide variety of shark species including reef, lemon, hammerhead, nurse, and bull sharks. Alongside the ocean’s top predators, you’ll also find dolphins, spotted eagle rays, and even humpback whales at certain times of the year. Basically, if you want to see marine life, you’ll find it in Turks and Caicos.

Although you’ll find plenty of marine life at nearly all dive sites, the liveliest sites are undoubtedly those at the French and Salt Cays. French Cay sits at the south wall of the Caicos barrier reef, and offers some of the best shark diving in Turks and Caicos. Salt Cay is the smallest of the main inhabited islands, and it is the go-to spot for seeing humpback whales from January through April.


For all the reasons above and many more, Turks and Caicos is unquestionably a paradise for scuba divers. Whether you’re strapping on a tank for the first time, or you’re a master diver with years of experience, there’s something for every diving level. So, grab your fins, hop aboard, and get ready for the diving adventure of a lifetime!

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